The Only Way is Ethics

Recently I was talking to someone in a pub, and mentioned that I engaged in film photography. They mentioned that they did not personally approve of film photography, as it contains animal products.

This is not something I had previously put much thought into, despite generally agreeing that meat is not a particularly sustainable source of food. Whilst, after a bit of research, I’m mostly at peace with the fact that photographic emulsion uses an extremely small amount of gelatin – primarily as it is making use of a by-product which otherwise would have gone to waste, and in of itself isn’t a driver for meat production. Until meat production is entirely eliminated, I think I’ll be OK with that. I hope by that point, someone will have invented a synthetic replacement for making emulsion – if they’ve not, I’ll happily give up the hobby if it’s what keeping slaughterhouses in business.

However, whilst I’m not going vegan overnight, this caused me to think a bit about whether there is anything else that I’m unwittingly doing that supports broadly unethical practices in a meaningful way …

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