👋🏻 Hi, I’m Chris.

Nice to meet you! I’m from London, UK – which is where I presently live and work for an international broadcaster (views expressed here are entirely my own, etc.) as a Product Manager in the area of radio metadata workflows.

I’m an aspiring (but not especially good) photographer.

I often code.

I hold a UK Amateur Radio Operator License, callsign M7NXF.

I’m the owner of both a beard, and a ponytail.

You’ll often find me at An Evening of Unnecessary Detail. Because I don’t get enough of unnecessary detail during the day, apparently.

I once helped (at least, mostly helped) Matt Parker build a computer out of Dominos (you can see me at 3:14)

I’ve been a contributor to Helen Zaltzman’s podcast The Allusionist, and was briefly in Episode 75 of No Such Thing as a Fish.

I was one of the founders of the University of Kent Tinkering Society (tinkersoc)

I’m an advocate of digital rights, privacy and free speech online, and am a member of the Open Rights Group

I’m a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

My site icon is a modified emoji 1f40b (🐋)

Whilst I am on twitter, I prefer decentralised social media

I enjoy a good list (evidently)