Hi. I’m Chris.

I’m a software engineer, architect and product manager.

I believe in

  • Ethical, appropriate and sensible application of big data and AI.
  • Robust, yet pragmatic automated testing (100% test coverage is worthless if it doesn’t do what it was designed to do!).
  • Designing systems that minimise carbon and energy usage during their operational life.
  • Being accountable for the products you build.
  • Empowering users to achieve their goals, rather than mollycoddling them.

My super powers include systems interface design and domain modelling, particularly for esoteric legacy systems.

One example of this are my personal projects, where I’ve interpreted the Network Rail Datafeeds or the Temporary Speed Restrictions notifications. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play a musical note every time a train passes a signal, in real time? I did - so I made one.

At work, I have built systems that aggregate the various datafeeds from dispirate systems within in BBC Radio which are brought together through a product called Fenchurch.

Here I am talking about it with my colleague Luke at the UK’s Radio Tech Con

(video by Broadcast Bionics)

It was also recently featured in the EBU’s tech-i Issue 44 (see Page 7) which segments, transcribes and tags live radio as it is broadcast.

This ‘blog’ catalogues my various analyses and opinions of things that I find interesting, or projects I’ve undertaken.